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Redhead bolts

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Redhead bolts are used in the applications where the material that is being bonded to cannot be threaded and a nut cannot be placed on the end of the bolt. Moreover, a hole is drilled a specific diameter depending on the diameter of the bolt. The bolt is placed in the hole and a wrench is used to tighten the bolt. As the bolt is tightened, a cone-shaped expansion plug on the end of the bolt is pulled into the sleeve, and causing it to expand and press against the walls of the hole. As the sleeve crumples and expands to fill the hole, friction holds the bolt inside the hole.

Besides that, redhead bolt is specified for the anchorage into solid concrete and concrete fill. It features a patented double expansion sleeve, high strength threaded bolt, a steel expander cone and washer. Anchors should be installed with carbide type drill bits made in accordance. The advantages of such features are it is up to twenty-two percents more pullout than wedge anchors, more shear than wedge anchors, more pullout than traditional sleeve anchors and even more shear than traditional sleeve anchors. Hence, this means that the use of smaller size of redhead bolt can save the cost and less drilling path can make the drill time be faster and quicker.

Other than that, the redhead bolts can be used for various applications where a nut cannot be threaded onto the end of the bolt. They are specially designed for application including electrical and mechanical contracting, drywall and carpentry applications, steel erector and curtain wall applications, highway and bridge construction and even the specialty applications.

Furthermore, they work on several different principles. Expansion types use an anchor that expands into the hole, transfer tension loads to the base material. Besides that, bolts can also be fastened to concrete or other materials using an adhesive in the drilled hole that grabs the threads.

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