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Rag bolts

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Rag bolts are one of the popular products of bolts that are available in the market now. Most of them are made up by hot dipped galvanized and the materials of using to build this product are carbon steel. They are available in different kinds of sizes too which is around M3 to M80.
Most of the rag bolts are manufactured in order to fulfill the requirements of consumers. Their assembly in the market nowadays includes two rag bolts mild steel, one template, eight M24 Hex Galvanized Nuts, eight M24 Flat Galvanized Washers and also 8 M24 Spring Galvanized Washers. The mild steel which is used to make up the rag bolts normally in the grade of 300mpa. Moreover, custom rag bolts actually can be manufactured according to the specific requirements. Besides that, most of the products passed ISO 9001 Quality Management System and also get the certificate in the management of exporting their goods. Hence, customers can rest assured when purchasing or ordering rag bolts either through the market face to face or online ordering. Some of them even get the awards by CCIB of China.
In fact, rag bolts can be split on one end to stop it from turning the concrete work and machine thread. Hence, they are also called as Foundation Bolts or Holding down Bolts. Rag bolts are widely used in many aspects and areas such as machinery, traffic uses, auto, building or construction, power plant industries and many more. The length of it normally in the range between 6mm to 3000mm and it has various kinds of grade which define them. It has various kind of color too like natural color with black zinc plated. This becomes their hot attractive and getting famous among other products as most of the consumers prefer this kind of color too. For the sake of delivery, they are normally packed in bulk quantity in cartons way which is in wooden frame pallets as long as fulfill requirements or targets of buyers or consumers.

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