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Miniature fasteners

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Miniature fasteners or known as microscrews or micro fasteners, if you do a product search on this miniature type of fasteners, one need to specific the following before ordering the fasteners correctly:

Miniature fasteners

  • Materials: Stainless steel or brass
  • Thread size: 0.30 – 0.90 UNM
  • Head type: hex, round, flat,oval fillister,flat or pan
  • Body length: 1/16, ½, ¼, 1/8, 3/16, 3/32, 3/8, 5/16 or 5/32

Searches will return with the correct selection. Price will be quoted in gross unit (144), example $25.50 per 144 pieces. When make ordering in bulb, the prices can be discounted at packing by 1000 mulltiplies, every 1000 – 4999, 5000 – 9999 and 10000 – 99999.

When buying these miniature fasteners, do consider both benefit and features before start the ordering:

Benefits Features
  • Cold formed
  • More durable
  • At least 3 pitch down for the lengths
  • Reduces costs over screw machined fasteners
  • Thread formers for metals and plastics are available
  • Reduces assembly costs and problems
  • Diameters as small as M0.6 or #000
  • Allow product downsizing
  • Wide variety of shapes, styles and materials
  • High-quality manufacturing processes
  • Miniature sems available

There are many types of miniature fasteners in the market. Normally those manufacturers will not only produce the miniature fasteners, they are also producing miniature screws, miniature self-tapping screws, metric screws and nuts, hex nuts, UNM screws, miniature lockwashers, precision ground taps and threaded gages.

The well known manufacturer like Morris have the facilities for the production and inspection of final end products from end to end, namely processing computers, engineering, waste disposal, machine control, material estimation, financial control and quality control. For higher standard of quality, the appointed Quality Control Department is in charge of the final process inspection and approves the products to be certified for usage. The quality assurance given in this product meets the leading aerospace industry and military contractors.

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