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M24 Bolt

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An M24 bolt is considered as a large bolt due to its diameter of 24mm. A large bolt can support higher tension and load. Therefore, it is a  good choice for heavy duty applications. Due to its strength,  it is also suitable for use in building and constructions. This bolt is one of the first line choice  of bolts to be used for fastening jobs.

The types of bolts that are available in this size are the heavy hex, carriage, heavy hex structural, hex transmission tower and bent bolts.

Wrench Size

According to the British Standard, an M24 hex bolt should be used  with a wrench size of 36mm that fits the maximal length across the hexagonal flat head.

Thread pitch

M24 bolts generally come with fine thread pitches that are 1.5 to 2mm in width and  coarser thread pitches which are 3mm in width. Use a bolt with fine thread pitch if the panel is thin and the space is limited.  If your materials are thick, then an M24 bolt with a 3mm thread pitch would be suitable for the job .

Thread length

The length of these bolts varies from as low as 50mm to more than 100mm. Generally, the bolts with higher thread pitch would also come hand in hand with longer length. This is so that the bolts  are sturdy enough to fasten higher load applications.


M24 bolts are available in different materials to provide different level of strength. The common materials are low to medium carbon steel, carbon alloy steel and stainless steel.  Different materials of construction will produce bolts with different hardness and the ability to withstand stress before the bolts  deform  and become  dysfunctional. These bolts are also applied with an extra layer of coating like zinc plating and chrome plating to increase resistance to corrosion and rust.

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