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Be it mechanical industries, carpentry workers, engineering students or even your dad who is playing handy man at home would probably have an eye bolt or two in their tool case. It’s a common tool, used by many in homes, offices, malls and so on. If you saw it, you would probably know what it is, but not of its function or usage. If you’re new to terms like these then maybe reading this can help you learn a little more about eye bolts.

eye bolts Basically, an eye bolt is a type of screw which has a ring or loop as the head and a screw like structure at the end with threads, meant to be screwed into objects. We use them everywhere and everyday mainly to secure cables or wires to objects. An eye bolt serves many functions and is often used for lifting objects such as in pulleys or to hold things in place like a mirror or a painting on a wall.

When it comes to types, there are simply too many. Not only do they vary in the type of eye bolt itself, it also comes in a variety of sizes, threads, materials and structures. The most common size would be the quarter inch eye bolts and the two and a quarter inch bolts which are usually used in households. As for types, there are simply too many on the list, but to name a few there is the screw eye bolt, the forged ones, shoulder eye bolts, thimble eye bolts and lots more.

Each eye bolt has its own specification which can be measured from the threaded length, highest load capacity, length of shank, inner diameter of the eye, eye width and overall weight. How you pick the right one to use completely depends on what is it you want to use it for. An example would be in an occasion where it comes to lifting an object vertically, you should always opt for a bolt without a shoulder as it can snap or go out of shape due to the pressure it may face at certain angles. The specifications of the bolt should depend on the weight and height of the object you wish to move.

A few things you should note when using an eye bolt is that you should never paint an eyebolt to match its surface or simply to make painting jobs easier. Either removing them during a paint job or paint around it, despite the type of paint you’re using. This is because the coat of paint will cover up whatever flaws on the bolt and you won’t know when something goes wrong. Also, never skip a shackle and put the point of a hook into an eyebolt, this would ruin the mechanism of the tool, so always use a shackle.

Eyebolts are pretty useful in our daily lives and there are probably a few around you right now. The only thing is knowing the right ones to use and the way to use it. If you’re about to construct a mechanism or want to prop something up, learn more about eye bolts before using them because wrong usage can cause blunders you don’t want to see occur.

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    Apart from physical size, the material the eyebolt is made from is important also. If you are using in a marine environment, then use A4 (T316) grade stainless steel

  3. We supply A286 ,INconel718 eye bolt and nut, if you need, please contact us.

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